Strategy and vision

Hansel’s vision is to be the engine of efficient procurement in the government sector. The company’s strategic objective is to assume a stronger role in developing government procurement and to collaborate actively with government entities. Additionally, Hansel wants to be a pioneer in responsible and innovative public procurement, to increase its offering in tendering-related consultancy, and to implement electronic tendering tools. In the strategy period there will be a focus on co-operation with customers and suppliers, on contractual supervision and on developing staff competence.

Vision for 2017: Engine of efficient procurement in the government sector



CSR aspects are extensively accounted for in Hansel’s strategy. Hansel promotes responsibility particularly through the framework agreements, by setting certain CSR-related requirements for tenders.

With regard to Hansel’s own operations, the main aspects of CSR are reducing environmental impacts, proper financial administration, efficient use of resources, ensuring the occupational well-being of personnel, and improving customer and supplier satisfaction.