Aspects of corporate responsibility

Hansel aims to be a pioneer of responsible procurement. The importance of corporate responsibility and responsible procurement is emphasised, among other instances, in the decisions-in-principle and procurement strategy of the government.

Framework agreements offer an effective way of deploying government decisions through procurement. The volume of joint procurement procedures is significant: during 2013, the Finnish state acquired products and services with a total value of around €695 million through framework agreements. Thanks to this large volume, Hansel is able to influence the generation of new services and the development of more environmentally friendly products. Hansel can have an impact on what is available on the market by incorporating CSR aspects in framework agreements and setting criteria, for example, related to the environment.

Tendering processes organised by Hansel are carried out openly and fairly, in line with procurement legislation. CSR elements are taken into account at the planning and implementation stages of the tendering process, as well as during the contract period.

CSR aspects in the procurement process