Customers and suppliers

Hansel’s aim is to offer its customers services and framework agreements that are easy to use and that already incorporate CSR aspects.

All suppliers of goods and services who fulfil the minimum requirements set out in the call for tenders are allowed to take part in the tendering processes organised by Hansel following the open procedure.

Act on Public Contracts and responsibility issues

Section 2:2
"Contracting authorities shall endeavour to organise their procurement procedures as economically and systematically as possible, in as appropriate combinations as possible, taking environmental considerations into account."

Section 14
Reserving public contracts for sheltered workshops

Section 45
Technical specifications referring to environmental characteristics, or environmental requirements

Sections 53 and 54
Criteria for exclusion

Section 49
"Contracting authorities may lay down special conditions relating to the performance of a contract which may, in particular, be intended to favour environmental and social aspects, such as on-site vocational training, compliance with the provisions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions, working conditions and employment terms or the recruitment of people with disabilities, provided that the conditions are non-discriminatory and compatible with Community law and that they are indicated in the contract notice or the invitation to tender."

Section 62:2
"...while assessing the economically most advantageous tender, the contracting authority may take account of economic and qualitative criteria to meet the needs of the public concerned, and environmental requirements, provided that these criteria are measurable and linked to the object of the contract."

Tendering process at Hansel