Materiality assessment

Corporate responsibility efforts at Hansel are based on a materiality assessment. The main CSR aspects of Hansel’s operations are presented in the matrix below, which was updated by the Corporate Responsibility team in 2013.

There are several elements affecting the content of the matrix. The assessment took into account the company’s values, trends in the operating environment, and the company’s strategic objectives and related actions. The guidelines and decisions-in-principle related to Hansel given by the government also affect the content of the matrix.

Other issues considered in the assessment included the outcomes of customer and supplier satisfaction surveys, reports of the Corporate Responsibility team, feedback from customers and suppliers, and the results of personnel job satisfaction surveys.

Hansel materiality matrix, 2013


The aspects of responsibility presented in the matrix are linked to the identified trends through colour-coding. Besides megatrends affecting Hansel’s operations, the diagram includes issues related to Hansel as a responsible employer. The materiality matrix and the trends that affect Hansel’s operations define the issues that are dealt with in the sustainability report.