Financial responsibility in framework agreements

Combating the shadow economy is one of the Finnish government's spearhead projects. This is related to financial responsibility. The government’s actions in this respect focus on the grey market in labour-intensive sectors and on a reform of the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations. The main labour-intensive sectors from Hansel’s point of view include the hospitality industry, the transport industry, and the cleaning and maintenance industry.

Hansel strives to account for financial responsibility aspects as comprehensively as possible in its framework agreements. In this regard, suppliers taking part in the tendering process are required to have fulfilled their social obligations properly: in other words, they must have paid their taxes and social security contributions, and comply with statutory demands related to environment, health and safety, working conditions and terms of employment.

In procurement that falls within the scope of the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations, it is additionally required that selected contract suppliers provide reports on their tax payments and the collective labour agreements under which they work, as well as proof of registration in the trade register, prepayment register, VAT register and employer register.

Supervision of contract suppliers’ financial and legal status is done by an external organisation. Hansel is immediately informed if a supplier’s financial position weakens or its legal structure changes.