Case: Sustainability aspects in cleaning services

The government can procure cleaning and security services though the Facility User Services framework agreement, whose tendering process took CSR aspects into account as comprehensively as possible, in accordance with the government’s wishes.

The contract suppliers must comply with the reporting and other demands of the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations. Information on these matters must always be provided to Hansel before the framework agreement can be signed. The suppliers must also ensure that their contracts with employees match or exceed the terms and conditions that are generally applied in collective labour agreements in the facility maintenance sector.

The suppliers must agree to pay attention to promoting employment and to examine methods for doing this in collaboration with Hansel or the end client (the government body in question). The client using the framework agreement has the right to set specific terms related to promoting employment on a case-by-case basis through simplified tendering processes.

Besides financial and social aspects, the framework agreement accounts for environmental issues, seeking to reduce energy and material consumption and detrimental impacts throughout the life cycle of the service. The supplier must ensure that its cleaning detergents, equipment, tools, machines and methods are as environmentally friendly as possible.