Innovative procurement and cleantech

One of Hansel’s objectives is to provide stronger support to supplier innovation and to produce innovative service concepts for customers’ use. Typically, innovative procurement methods seek to identify new ways of providing services.

Hansel is involved in a project run by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes) that aims to promote the completion of innovative cleantech procurements. Another objective is to strengthen the market in order to maintain competitiveness and generate innovative business in Finland. The multi-year project began in late 2013.

The project examines processes related to preparing public procurement processes, sharing experiences and funding procedures, which can promote the creation and success of solutions that are more environmentally friendly than usual.

The aim is to be able to show from the data which product groups and areas of procurement are most successful in the application of an innovative approach, and which specifications of the procurement object and criteria support the creation of innovative solutions. Additionally, suitable new procurement processes that facilitate innovative procurement will be described and tested.