Hansel in brief

Hansel is the central procurement unit of the Finnish government. It organises competitive tendering processes and maintains framework agreements for products and services for government procurement units. Besides framework agreements, Hansel offers consulting on tendering-related matters to its customers.

The company’s aim is to create savings for the State of Finland thanks to centralised procurement. Hansel’s customers consist of ministries, their subordinate bureaux and other government agencies. The company’s premises are in the Helsinki main post office building. Hansel has no international operations.

The purpose of Hansel’s operations is to simplify the complex. In addition to generating significant savings, centralisation allows for better observance of sustainable development matters.

What Hansel offers its customers is security and ease. With years of experience in conducting demanding tendering processes, Hansel’s experts have solid competence in responsible procurement. Businesses are interested in the large volumes involved in government procurement, and this provides a good channel for Hansel to influence the operating methods of companies that want to take part in the tenders. By demanding sustainable practices, Hansel can encourage suppliers to tighten their principles and increase the responsibility of their operations.

Hansel presents the results of its efforts in an annual Corporate Responsibility Report. The previous report was published on 9 April 2013. Reporting is based on a materiality matrix, in which Hansel’s responsibility aspects are ranked from the perspectives of stakeholders and the company’s operations. This allows Hansel to focus on reporting the most important themes within corporate responsibility.