Board of Directors, from left to right Selena Savo, Marja-Leena Rinkineva, Panu Kilpinen, Timo Laitinen and Tiina Lukkari

Administrative bodies

The members of the Hansel Board of Directors are elected by the Annual General Meeting. The Board is chaired by Timo Laitinen, Director General of the State Treasury. The Board of Directors consists of five members, including one personnel representative. Members of the Board of Directors cannot simultaneously be members of the company’s operative management. The Board membership comprises three women and two men. Decision-making at Hansel conforms to the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act and Hansel’s articles of association.

In connection with the strategic steering of the company, the Board monitors corporate responsibility management. The Board reviews a draft version of the corporate responsibility report and makes comments. The Board has not appointed any members who have the task of specialising in corporate responsibility, nor are the Board’s fees tied to the results of CSR activities.

Hansel’s Executive Committee is nominated by the Board of Directors on the basis of a proposal by the Managing Director. The Executive Committee comprises five members, including the Managing Director (three women and two men).